pop-up classes: we bring the food (and fun) to you!

Learn to cook, with friends, at home. (And you don’t even have to clean up after.)

Here’s how it works: gather a group of up to ten friends, co-workers or family members, and my team will bring a program, including food, supplies and everything you need to prepare a beautiful meal, to your home.

Classes include fundamental healthy cooking techniques, nutrition highlights, recipe handouts and hands-on guidance. You’ll slice and dice, whisk and stir, saute and bake, and eat your creations. We’ll help you all along the way, and then clean up the mess.

Choose from the following most-popular topics, or ask us for other options. Don’t see one you like? Design your own—whatever your little foodie heart desires. Tell us what you’d like, and we’ll make it happen.

Vegan Artistry. Step away from that tofu: make meat-free eating a beautiful adventure with vibrant, imaginative dishes that put produce on parade. You’ll learn how to use colorful, exotic vegetables, heirloom beans and grains, artisanal condiments and homemade fermented cheese alternatives to make gourmet meals even your burger-eating friends will love.

Gluten-free Everything. Had your fill of dense, dry, gluten-free baked goods? That’s not how the cookie has to crumble. In this class, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks (the right flour blends, binding agents and cooking techniques) for making moist, light-and-tender cakes, pies, breads,  brownies, biscuits and more.

Fermenting 101. Making your own pickles, krauts, kimchi and kombucha safely requires some skill—because there’s a fine line between fermented and funky. We’ll show you the right equipment, foods and techniques, and you’ll learn the basic science and health benefits behind these healing, traditional foods.

Paleo Basics. New to Paleo—or bored with your grain-free, sugar-free, fun-free plan? We’ll walk you through the basics of the Paleo diet and teach you vibrant, creative ways with this trendy plan—including crafty alternatives to noodles, rice, sweets and treats.

Clean Thai. Wave goodbye to your delivery driver, and make your own (clean, simple) Thai food at home.You’ll learn the basics of DIY Thai, including the four primary flavors, ten essential ingredients, aromatic vegetables and spices, and the simple but special cooking methods that make Thai cuisine a consistent culinary favorite.