Embodied eating playshops

Like a workshop, but more fun: gather a group of 6 to 12 friends, co-workers or family members, and we’ll bring a personalized Embodied Eating playshop to your office or home!

You’ll take a short survey designed to help us pinpoint your group’s goals, needs and desires. Then our team will craft a (lively, interactive and entertaining) program with exercises, explorations and tools tailored specifically for you and your peeps.


You’ll learn:

• How to tell the difference between body hunger, mouth hunger and mind hunger.

• Tricks for pushing the pause button and halting binge eating before it starts.

• How to free yourself from the bonds of chronic dieting and obsessive calorie counting.

• Powerful practices that promote awareness and encourage intuition.

• How to identify—and disarm—your most potent triggers.

• Easy embodiment exercises that get you back in your body, almost immediately.

• Ways to hear—and heed—your body’s subtle (and vital) messages.


You’ll leave with:

• A written summary of your customized playshop, to remind you of highlights and key takeaways that help you focus on your next crucial steps.

• PDF outlines of everything we’ve covered, to guide you through tools and techniques you’ve learned, like meditation, breath work and embodiment practices.

• A schedule for three daily check-ins via text or email, to help keep you on track and feel supported between sessions.

• A sense of empowerment and transformation around food, eating and your one-of-a-kind body—and freedom from rules, regulations and remorse.


Ready to transform, and play? Contact us for more details, or schedule a free intro consultation, and let’s start crafting your playshop today!