Cooking and classes

You’re hungry for healthy—and we’re ready to feed you.

Let us make you dinner. My team of professional chefs can help you with family meals, small parties and more. We’ll buy the food, cook and serve, and make enough for leftovers—and we’ll stick around to clean up the mess. And you can order meals in advance, so you’re ready the next time dinner rolls around.

Or, learn to do it yourself. For even more fun, gather up to ten of your favorite friends for an in-home cooking class. My team and I will show up with everything you need to learn, cook, play and eat. You’ll learn basic cutting and cooking techniques, with recipe and instruction handouts to keep for later. Choose from our most popular classes, including gluten-free, vegan, Paleo and clean Thai—or make one up of your own.

Contact us for details, scheduling and pricing. And let’s get cooking!