How sessions work

What would it be like to experience complete and total freedom around food—to stop obsessing about what you ate (or didn’t eat), quit tallying up every calorie on your plate, permanently end binge eating? To just eat food, and enjoy it, without guilt, shame, judgment or remorse?

That’s our goal: to help you cultivate an intuitive, body-centered relationship with food, and to rediscover ease and pleasure in eating.

Most important: in the process, you’ll uncover your authentic, vibrant self that’s sleeping under the body image stories, the broken promises, the judgments and remorse. Ultimately, you’ll make peace not only with food—but also with yourself. Here’s how:


What you eat. We’ll start by looking at what you eat (not calories, not quantities—just the kinds of foods you’re eating on a regular basis). We’ll identify any hidden sensitivities, digestive issues or gut imbalances; we may test for food intolerances. And we’ll talk about foods you love, and what brings you pleasure in eating.

Then we’ll choose the most supportive foods for you. Because if your brain isn’t nourished, if your digestion is off or your blood sugar is imbalanced, if you’re eating foods that trigger sensitivities or lead to cravings, it’s really hard to move to a more intuitive, body-centered and peaceful way of eating.


Why you eat. There’s lots of ways to use food. But when we use it for entertainment, or pain relief, or emotional fulfillment, that’s when the trouble begins. In our sessions, we’ll explore the reasons why you eat—without judgement—and how to change what doesn’t serve you. You’ll learn:

• Ways to address and release subtle, deeper issues driving the eating patterns that cause you pain.

• Easy, highly effective tools proven to heal binge eating, chronic dieting and other troubled eating habits.

• Meditation techniques, breath work, empowerment exercises and embodiment practices to land you fully in your body.

• Simple but profound strategies that teach you to sit with discomfort, exploring cravings with curiosity—not reactivity.

And you’ll explore your inner landscape in a way you may never have experienced before—a process that, in and of itself, is nothing short of transformational.


How it works. Start by scheduling a free initial consultation, a no-obligation way for us to meet and for you to learn more about the process. You’ll then choose from a variety of options, including a la carte sessions and highly affordable packages, each tailored and customized to your individual needs. Packages include:

• An initial 90-minute intake session that includes a deep dive into your relationship with food and an exploration of your desires, priorities and goals.

• Six weekly one-hour sessions to continue our explorations.

• A written summary of each session, with highlights and key takeaways to help you focus on your next crucial steps.

• A general, highly flexible food plan and, if appropriate, food sensitivity testing and detox techniques.

• A customized herb and/or supplement regimen to heal gut issues or other imbalances that promote cravings and binge eating.

• Written highlights of each session, with PDF summaries to guide you through tools and techniques you’ve learned, like meditation, breath work and embodiment practices.

• Daily check-ins via text or email, to help keep you on track and feel supported between sessions.

If this inspires you, schedule your free introductory session, and start your journey to making peace with food—and yourself—today.