How food sensitivities can make you binge

Inspired Eating starts with nutritional healing. That means, for many people, issues and concerns other than weight loss or disordered eating. (Or maybe you’re working with all of those.)

240_F_105008806_fR1p6a2gasWhmrqyck1MFWDlXLlzeLu9The fact is, it’s hard to create a consistent, body-centered way of eating if you’re suffering from food sensitivities, gluten intolerance, digestive issues, gut imbalances or nutritional deficits. Until your body is balanced and healed, you can’t move to the next level of embodied eating nutrition.

Also important: more and more studies are showing food sensitivities can mimic food addictions in many people, leading to binge eating and cravings, and making easy, peaceful and body-centered eating near impossible.

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