We’ll cook. And then you’ll eat.

So…it’s 5 o’clock, your Hello Fresh subscription expired, and the contents of your fridge include a dozen half-empty jars of condiments and half an onion.

What’s for dinner, now?

Before you call Domino’s (again), call us. My team and I will come to your home and make you and your family a healthy, beautiful meal.

We’ll figure out the menu plan. We’ll do all the shopping and cooking. We’ll even clean up after ourselves.

And you? You’ll relax, and rest, and eat.

Just you: personal chef services.

Our personal chef services include a menu planned around you, and developed by a nutritionist (me). We’ll fix you a beautiful meal that takes into account any special dietary needs, from gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan to low-carb to life-threatening allergies. And we can make multiple meals, individually packaged and stored, so you’re covered for the rest of the week.

You, and friends.

We specialize in small dinner parties, cocktails and appetizers, or intimate gatherings of two to twelve. You’ll tell us your budget and any themes, dietary restrictions or food preferences. We’ll create a menu, shop for ingredients, and create the event for you and friends. And yes: we’ll stay and clean up after.

Let’s get this party started!