What to eat.

You’ve heard of “intuitive eating,” and it’s a key component of Inspired Eating nutrition and embodied eating. But it’s only part of the picture—and it doesn’t always work. That’s why we start with an exploration of what you’re eating, and then move into why you eat the way you do.

Why isn’t “Intuitive Eating” enough?

Because for someone who’s never practiced eating intuitively, removing all the rules can be confusing—and sometimes really scary. And it’s often counter-productive: if your body and brain aren’t getting the right nutrients, if your blood sugar is imbalanced and cravings are out of control, if you have gut issues or hidden, undiagnosed food sensitivities, it’s hard to find ease in eating.

Plus, our bodies are designed to crave real food—but when nourishment comes from food courts instead of farms, it’s nearly impossible to “listen to your body.” You may have lost that connection, and it takes time to rebuild.

So, while you’re moving toward a body-centered way of eating, you’ll have a set of guidelines to restore gut balance, eliminate toxins, avoid food sensitivities, and nourish your hungry body.

You can then begin to eat more in a more body-centered way—free from rules, regulations and all those food fears.

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