Effortless, embodied self-protection

After earning my second-degree black belt, I began exploring ways to deepen and broaden my martial arts training. That journey led me to two of the most embodied humans I’ve ever met and their transformative approach to women’s self-protection.

Called Lessons In Violence Evasion (LIVE), it’s based on skills and techniques used by the female Ninja of ancient Japan. And it’s nothing like any women’s self-defense course you’ve ever seen.

Most of those courses show women fighting like men—with force, weight and brute strength— outmuscling and overpowering guys twice their size. But unless you’re actually bigger and stronger, or you’ve trained for decades in fighting, those techniques probably won’t work for the average woman. (And all that straining, tensing and rigidity does nothing to encourage embodiment.)

That’s what makes LIVE different: our program doesn’t rely on speed, or strength, or size. It’s based on evading and escaping the attacker, on moving smarter, not stronger. Instead of teaching women to fight like men (kicking, punching, muscling), LIVE capitalizes on a woman’s innate strengths, like intuition and gravity, emphasizing flow, fluidity, awareness and relaxed, tension-free natural movement.

Because evading violence happens in your body—not your brain—classes are highly experiential, with exercises and games that cultivate instinct and nurture embodiment. The feelings created during this experiential process transmit directly to your body, so you’ll remember the crucial principles in a potentially threatening situation. It’s affordable and convenient: classes and exercises are entirely online, so you can do them in your own home, at your convenience, with a trusted friend or partner.

Most important: besides learning elegant and effective ways to protect yourself, you’ll leave with breakthrough confidence, grace under pressure, effortless adaptability, unshakable empowerment and lessons that last—for the rest of your life.

Read more about LIVE self-protection, or contact me for details—and start your life-saving (and life-changing) journey today.