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The Art of Healthy Eating. Is fat bad? Are grains our nemesis? Is salt a killer? Every time we think there’s a definitive, one-size-fits-all answer, the prevailing wisdom shifts. Experts offer this advice:  use common sense, and strive for balance. These simple guidelines will set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating. Read full article




7 Immune-Boosting Foods to Get You Through Cold & Flu Season. Take a stand against influenza and other nasty pathogens by adding these seven antiviral foods to your plate this cold and flu season to improve immune response and fight sickness—shiitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic and more, all scientifically researched and validated. Read full article




Eating for Energy. Tired of being tired? The answer may be on your plate. Try these seven foods to enhance muscle energy, clear brain fog, and put more pep in your step. Read full article






Holiday Rx. Hangovers, headaches, and holiday stress: no one’s completely immune to the season’s biggest bummers. Get prepared this year with well-researched herbs and supplements to solve any holiday health problem. Read full article






Weekend Detox. Living in the modern world, our bodies can get pretty grubby inside. A weekend detox provides a physical and psychological jump-start to long-term cleansing. Here’s a simple day-by-day plan to guide you through… Read full article





Six Simple Foods to Support Your Body. You can nibble on goji berries, whip up acai smoothies and stock your shelves with the latest antioxidant. But for what really works, focus on a handful of simple, inexpensive foods rich in protective compounds. Read full article





The Anti-Aging Diet: Ten foods to help you look and feel younger. You can’t avoid getting older, but the foods you eat play a crucial role in keeping your body healthy and your brain functioning well into your senior years. Researchers and anti-aging experts agree these key nutrients will help you stay strong, vibrant and fabulous through the years. Read full article




12 Ways to Protect Your Brain. It’s typical in aging to lose some sharpness. But Alzheimer’s isn’t inevitable; in many cases, you can prevent it—especially if you start early enough. Try these 12 food and lifestyle tips to save your brain (and think smarter, right now). Read full article





Blues Busters: 17 ways to fight depression. It’s so widespread that doctors and researchers have dubbed depression “The common cold of mental illness.” But the right balance of nutrients, combined with lifestyle changes can effectively treat depression—often better than drugs. Read full article




Heart Healthy Eating: What you need to know. Twenty years ago, doctors advised patients to use margarine, eat pasta and avoid chocolate; now, we know margarine can kill you faster than butter, pasta increases the risk of heart disease and chocolate is really good for you. So what’s the truth about heart healthy eating? Read full article




Sweet! The latest news on sugar alternatives. Confused by all the “natural” sweeteners on your grocer’s shelves? In general, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and other sweeteners are less refined and rich in naturally occurring minerals. On a culinary level, they’re rich and deep in flavor and color. Here’s the scoop. Read full article




Oil Change: Choosing the best for your cooking needs. From salad dressings to sauces and stir-fries, oils are an essential part of any chef’s kitchen. But the issue of heating them has become something of a smoking gun. Which oils are safe for cooking? Which should never be heated? Here’s a list of the best and safest oils for every use. Read full article




The No-Pain Diet: Foods to fight fibromyalgia. Remember the last time you had the flu? If you have fibromyalgia, that’s how you feel almost every day–but it doesn’t go away. While there’s no cure, dietary changes can make life easier, even pain-free. Read full article





High on Acid? Balance your body’s pH. Chronically acidic blood causes a variety of troubling conditions and illnesses, including fatigue, foggy thinking, weight gain and heartburn. Certain foods can get you back in balance, fast. Read full article





Winter Slimming: Seven foods to lighten up. Every winter, a number of animals—bears, prairie dogs, some humans—go into hibernation. They burrow into dens, trees, holes or bulky sweaters, and move as little as possible. As temperatures warm, some of these species emerge to joyfully celebrate spring. Other species—certain humans—remain in bulky sweaters for as long as possible. Read full article