Why your detox isn’t working

Those crazy detox plans that involve fasting, processed (and pricey) powders and juices, or laxative herbs and supplements? Not what you need. Yes, they may promote rapid—though temporary—weight loss. But when your cleanse ends, and you return to your “normal” diet, you haven’t learned a thing about nutritious food choices—or  embodied eating.


A better way to cleanse: support, nourish and rebuild your body, with a personalized, comprehensive approach that addresses food sensitivities, emphasizes nutrient-rich foods, heals the gut and encourages intuitive eating and embodiment. Contact me for details, or schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Meanwhile, here’s why most detox programs don’t work:


1. They gloss over food sensitivities. Cookie-cutter cleanses assume everyone is sensitive to the same foods (dairy, gluten, corn, and other common allergens). But that also assumes every body is the same, which is simply not true. A good food sensitivity test can pinpoint your specific triggers, and eliminate bloating, headaches and skin problems in as little as 10 days. Really.

2. They involve fasting of some kind. The fact is, fasting is one of the most stressful things you can do to your body. There are exceptions, of course—but if you’re living your usual (tense, fast-paced) life without eating, you’re going to create stress, inflammation and a generally unhappy situation.

3. They don’t look at the rest of you. Traditional detox programs, used in ancient yogic practices and other disciplines, included lots of rest, meditation and inward focus. Stilling your mind and tuning in to your body’s signals encourages the release of toxins, and modern research  shows meditation lowers stress and decreases inflammation.

240_F_65996614_kNt4y4qlizyb48HW1j0nESRuEs2TOatz4. They don’t use real food. Lots of detox programs give you a box of powders, drinks, bars or other processed food-like substances. But many of those fancy packaged eats are loaded with engineered ingredients that adversely impact hormones and metabolism.

5. They ignore the emotional aspects of eating. Your mind may decide you need a cleanse. But how does your body feel about that? And why exactly are you detoxing? Is it so you can feel lighter, energized, more connected to your body and your life, or is it because you’ve just got to fit into your skinny jeans?

The bottom line: any detox that doesn’t address food sensitivities, lifestyle practices or (most important), explorations of why you’re eating won’t create lasting change.

A customized-for-your Daily Detox program can tame inflammation, soothe your gut, reset your system and leave you clear, focused and all-over energized. You’ll learn how to take cleansing into a safe, sane, everyday practice that you can do at home—with no fasting, and no stress.

Learn more: contact me or schedule a free consultation, and let the detox (and healing) begin!

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