Keys to conscious eating

Beyond the diets, the rules and resolutions, beyond the counting and measuring and guilt and obsessing, there lies a land of complete freedom around eating. In this one-hour introductory workshop, I’ll show you how to get there.

You’ll learn:
⁃ How to tell the difference between body hunger, mouth hunger and mind hunger
⁃ How to push the pause button on binge eating
⁃ The three worst times to eat
⁃ Why stress sabotages enlightened nutrition, and how to combat it
⁃ How to find–and disarm–your most potent triggers
⁃ Why you must insist on having pleasure
⁃ Three powerful practices to help you eat more consciously
⁃ Sure-fire ways to be free from food rules, regulations and remorse

Taught in your home or office, for a group of 6 to 10, it’s a simple, dynamic introduction to intuitive eating, embodiment, and self-healing practices around food and nutrition. Contact us for more details and to register.