How sessions work

If you struggle with chronic dieting, calorie counting, binge eating, body image or a general discomfort around food and eating, there’s a solution.

Numbers don’t work—whether it’s the number of calories in a donut (or kale smoothie), the number on the bathroom scale, the number of crunches you did or miles you ran. Neither do other people’s rules about how you “should” eat. At some point, you have to be your own expert, inspired by your intuition and your body’s innate wisdom.

That’s our goal: to help you cultivate a positive, peaceful relationship with food, and learn to eat in a way that supports your body, for the rest of your life.

What you eat. We’ll start by looking at what you eat (not calories, not quantities—just the kinds of foods you’re eating on a regular basis). We’ll identify any hidden food sensitivities, digestive issues or gut imbalances. And we’ll talk about foods you love, and what brings you pleasure in eating.

Then we’ll choose the most supportive foods for you. Because if your brain isn’t nourished, if your digestion is off or your blood sugar is imbalanced, if you’re eating foods that trigger sensitivities or lead to cravings, it’s really hard to move to a more intuitive, body-centered and peaceful way of eating.

Why you eat. There’s lots of ways to use food. But when we use it for entertainment, or pain relief, or emotional fulfillment, that’s when the trouble begins. In our sessions, we’ll explore the reasons why you eat—without judgement—and how to change what doesn’t serve you.

We’ll look at why you diet, and any deeper issues that are driving eating patterns that cause you pain. You’ll find ways to heal binge eating, cravings and obsessions, and explore how to sit with discomfort.

I’ll share with you various meditation techniques, empowerment exercises or embodiment practices from my years of training in yoga, meditation, martial arts and other mind-body practices.

And you’ll explore your inner landscape in a way that you may never have experienced before.

Most important: you’ll find your true, vibrant self that’s sleeping under all the messages and heartaches and broken promises and disappointments. And ultimately, you’ll make peace with food—and yourself.

How it works. We can meet for one or two sessions, you can buy a package of sessions, or we can set up a series of highly affordable telephone sessions that allow you to check in as you need on a weekly basis. It’s up to you. It’s your journey—and ultimately, the journey to resolving food challenges becomes the journey back to yourself.

If this inspires you, check it out: schedule a free introductory session, and start your journey to making peace with food—and yourself—today.