What to eat, why you eat, and how to make it easy

What to eat.

What to eat.

We’d like to think eating healthy is a science, full of absolutes and hard-and-fast rules. That’s just not the case; every body is individual, and even the “experts” disagree on what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright tragic. There’s enormous value in the science of nutrition, and how food works in the body. And, at some point, healthy eating becomes an art, a balance between science, personal experience and intuition.

Inspired Eating marries the science of nutrition with the art of intuitive eating. Here’s how it works:

1. Identify food sensitivities. It’s hard to create a consistent, intuitive pattern to your eating if you’re suffering from food sensitivities, digestive issues, gas and bloating. Plus, studies show food sensitivities can mimic food addictions, leading to binge eating and cravings, and making weight loss or healthy eating darn near impossible. I use a simple but comprehensive test to determine your individual food sensitivities (and it’s not always gluten and dairy).

2. Cleanse the right way. A well-designed cleanse can detox your kidneys, liver and colon, and lead to lasting weight loss. But most cleanses are short-lived, based on gimmicky, sexy-sounding concepts that don’t last—and may leave you worse off than before. Depending on your situation, we may do a balanced, intelligent detox that’s designed to cleanse while healing and supporting your body.

3. Address any troubled eating patterns. How and why you eat is as important as what you eat. And because life is short and food is fun, we want to make your relationship with food peaceful and pleasurable. So, in addition to great meal plans and delicious recipes, you’ll learn how to heal troubled eating patterns like binge eating, chronic dieting, overeating and emotional eating.

4. Find the right diet for you. While there’s no perfect diet, one that’s made up of whole, unprocessed foods will make your body more fun, happy and comfortable to live in.  And while your specific dietary needs are as individual as you are, every body does best on a diet that’s made up of seasonal, local and organic foods in their least-processed forms, with no preservatives, flavorings, sugar, flour or other added ingredients (even if they’re organic).

We’ll work together to create an eating plan for you that incorporates versions of the foods that make you happy, taking into account what we learn from food sensitivity testing and your own eating patterns.

Ready to get inspired? Try it for free! You can book a no-cost intro session online, and check it out for yourself.