Heal your relationship with food.

Heal your relationship with food.

Food issues and disordered eating–overeating, binge eating, chronic dieting or obsessing about weight or food–are rarely about food. They’re about old patterns, lack of self love, the longing for expression, the need for control, or any number of other deeper issues. Examining these is richly rewarding, even life-changing.

Why inspired eating, and not intuitive eating?

Because for someone who’s never practiced eating intuitively, removing all the rules can be confusing–and sometimes really scary. And it’s often counter-productive: if your body and brain aren’t getting enough of the right kinds of nutrients, if your blood sugar is constantly imbalanced and your cravings are out of control, if you have undiagnosed food sensitivities, it’s hard to find balance and ease in eating.

Additionally, our bodies are designed to crave real food, as it comes from the ground; but when our supply of nourishment comes from food courts instead of farms, it’s nearly impossible to “listen to your body.” We’ve lost that connection, and it takes time to rebuild.

So, while you’re moving back toward a body-centered, intuitive way of eating, it’s helpful to have guidelines (rather than strict eating plans) about what foods best support health–both physical and emotional. Bolstered by that knowledge, you can then begin to eat and live more intuitively.

Ultimately, you’ll learn to be moved by your own intuition, and you’ll find freedom from food rules, regulations and fears.

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“During my period of emotional eating, I lost faith in life. I felt empty…I disconnected myself from my emotions. Thank you for helping to re-open my eyes and for rekindling some form of determination in me.” S–

“I have been overweight most of my 60 years and did not think there was any new or different way to view these patterns. Thank you for opening up my mind…” –J

“I’ve been diet-free for 8 months now, and have completely stopped my nighttime binge eating. Thank you for your warmth and compassion…” – KW

“I came to see you for advice on losing weight, but over the past 3 months I’ve learned a lot about myself and my emotions…I feel like I’m in control of food, not the other way around…” –  Georgia T.

“Everything about how I eat is totally different…thank you! You truly inspired me…” – Joy R.