What to eat, why you eat, and how to make it easy

For Businesses

for-businessesA well-designed Worksite Wellness Program can reduce health care costs, decrease employee sick days, increase productivity, and provide a valuable, highly affordable service for you and your employees.

Inspired Eating offers a number of services for businesses, from small companies with as few as five people, to large corporations with hundreds of employees. You can choose from something as simple as a weekly wellness newsletter to a weekend retreat that include nutrition, stress reduction and movement taught by our team of certified professionals.

Some examples of our offerings:

• A one-hour Nutrition 101 Workshop that presents the basics of nutrition, including the facts about carbs, healthy fats, best protein sources, tips for healthy lunches and snacks, and more.

• On-site, one-on-one Nutritional Healing sessions at discounted rates.

• Small group (5 to 15 people) Buddy System programs for specific needs, including weight loss and immune boosting.

• On-site targeted classes and workshops customized to your employees needs, for such areas as reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing energy,  boosting immunity, and more.

• On-site Healthy Eating food demos, led by our professional chefs, with tips for fast breakfasts, power lunches and energy-boosting snacks.

• Weekly or monthly Inspired Eating newsletters, with nutritious recipes and healthy living tips.

• Telephone and Skype follow-up support, coaching and consultations.

• Off-site one-day or weekend Executive Retreats that include massage, yoga and movement classes, meditation and stress reduction, and nutritional healing.

All classes, workshops and consultations can be scheduled around the lunch hour or immediately after work hours, or at your convenience.