Pop-up Detox

Cleanse without starving, in this delicious mind-body approach to detox

Gather a group of 6 or more, and we’ll bring the detox to you, with a one-day intro that includes everything you need to know for a delicious cleanse. We’ll talk about the physical components of detox, and crucial mental/emotional features to make your cleanse effective. Featuring:

  • The principles of healthy detox, and why even “clean” people need to cleanse
  • Why fasting doesn’t help—and can hurt—your efforts to cleanse
  • Foods to eliminate during a cleanse (some may surprise you!)
  • The five most important foods to eat for daily detos
  • Ten steps for changing emotional eating patterns that make detox difficult
  • The importance of clean water, and the best sources
  • How stress derails detox efforts (and why it makes you cling to toxins and weight)
  • A simple, ten-minute meditation to make cleansing easier (anyone can do it!)
  • A detailed, two-week eating plan–so you can safely detox at home

You’ll also learn which herbs and supplements support detox, exercises to emphasize (and which to avoid) when you’re cleansing, tips for hanging in there when the going gets rough, and much more!

BONUS: After the one-day session, you’ll get three individualized check-in sessions with us, scheduled at your convenience, for personal guidance, tweaks and suggestions!

Register here, or for more information, contact us with your questions.