Watermelon Mojito Sorbet

Watermelon Mojito Sorbet

This light, fresh sorbet makes good use of summer’s abundant mint and sweet, juicy watermelon. Serve as sorbet, or pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze, then serve in glasses of sparkling water. If you’re the cocktail type, add rum instead of flavoring, for a frosty take on the traditional drink; just pour in a tall glass and add a straw!

Makes 1 1/2 quarts

4 limes
One 5-pound seedless watermelon
1/3 cup agave or honey
Rum flavoring to taste
1/2 cup packed fresh mint leaves
Lime wedges and fresh mint leaves for garnish

1. Zest limes; set zest aside. Cut watermelon into quarters and scoop flesh into a food processor; discard rind.

2. Combine watermelon, lime, honey and rum flavoring in a blender, and process until smooth. Add mint and pulse until mint is ground into tiny pieces, but bits of mint are still visible.

3. Transfer mixture to an ice cream maker, and process according to manufacturer’s directions. To serve, divide sorbet between serving bowls. Garnish with lime wedges and mint leaves, and serve immediately. Or add white rum and serve in glasses with a straw.