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I’ve been a food writer, nutrition researcher and recipe developer for more than 25 years. Before I shifted my career to focus on food and health, I earned a master’s degree in journalism and was a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and other large papers. My years in the newspaper industry taught me to be disciplined in my writing, respectful of deadlines, and fiercely loyal to data and facts.

In my years as a food and nutrition writer, I’ve covered a wide variety of topics, from healthy recipes and research-based nutrition articles, to embodied eating, to natural products industry news.

My work has appeared in dozens of national magazines, including Self, Shape, Clean Eating, Vegetarian Times, Natural Health, Alternative Medicine, Yoga Journal and many more. I’m a featured blogger on The Huffington Post and other online sites, and have published five books on food, health and nutrition. And as a member of Sterling Rice Group’s culinary council, I stay consistently current on the latest developments in the food industry.

See some of my writing samples here, find my books hereor check out some of the links below. And for more samples: ask me!

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