What to eat

What to eat

Inspired Eating focuses on the science of nutrition and the art of eating. How does that translate to your plate?

While there’s no perfect diet, one that’s made up of whole, unprocessed foods will make your body more fun, happy and 15027655_scomfortable to live in.  Volumes of studies show that certain foods can support your body and successfully address conditions like inflammation, food allergies, blood sugar imbalances and other illnesses.

And while your specific dietary needs are as individual as you are, every body does best on a diet that’s made up of seasonal, local and organic foods in their least-processed forms, with no preservatives, flavorings, sugar, flour or other added ingredients (even if they’re organic). For most people, that means vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and, if needed, small amounts of grass-fed, pastured or wild animal products.

Prepare those foods artfully, with a sense of beauty and balance, and you’ll inspire your palate as well. You don’t need to be a professional chef; start with high-quality ingredients and you’ll need only a few basic kitchen tools and a little imagination to create beautiful meals.

On this site, you’ll find stress-free recipes for fresh, creative dishes, articles on health issues like preventing inflammation and balancing blood sugar, information on simple detox plans, and columns featuring clean foods with simple preparation techniques. You’ll also find lots of information on mindful eating that can help you understand more about food cravings, binge eating, emotional eating, and chronic dieting patterns.

I’ll help you explore ways to address health concerns by adjusting what you eat, and examining how you use food in your life. Use the contact form, or call me at 303-588-8523 to set up a consultation.

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