About Lisa

About Lisa

I’ve been involved, and infatuated, with food since I was a child. My Southern grandmothers were my first culinary and nutrition instructors; I learned to cook in their sunny kitchens, and they taught me to value and respect food and the land. Almost everything we ate came fromhedshot smaller the ground, the chicken pen, the cows or the trees. We gathered eggs, searched for buckets of wild blackberries, collected bushels of pecans and corn and greens.

I became a vegetarian at the age of 11—a long time ago for me—and started reading and learning more about different healing diets. At some point over the last 35 years, as a self-proclaimed foodie and professional chef and nutritionist, I’ve studied vegetarian, vegan, raw, Paleo, macrobiotic, low-carb, high-protein, local, seasonal, low-fat, fasting and many other diets. I’ve tried out most of them myself, and learned volumes from amazing and inspiring teachers in my path.

What they’ve taught me: the diet that seems to work best for most people is one that’s made up of whole, unprocessed plant foods, with  occasional additions of fish and organic, grass-fed or pastured animal products. It’s a flexible diet, non-dogmatic in its approach, in which every meal becomes an intuitive, body-driven choice.

I have been synthesizing my training in the food and nutrition arena with more than 25 years of spiritual practices, embodiment trainings and body-mind therapies. These include studies with Geneen Roth (author of Women, Food and God), Evelyn Tribole’s Intuitive Eating programs, and Marc David’s Food Psychology training. My background also includes degree programs in natural medicine, Macrobiotics, Shiatsu, and Asian food and nutrition systems. I have also studied and am certified in a number of embodiment and mindful movement practices, including martial arts, dance and 20 years of professional training in yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathwork).

I use all of these in my consulting practice, my teaching and my writing, to help people explore what to eat—which foods and dietary practices work best for them—as well as how they eat: the emotional or spiritual drives behind eating patterns, addictions and behaviors. It’s an approach that combines the facts about nutrition with the art of mindful eating, the cultivation of a deep, intuitive body awareness, and a curiosity about the underlying, emotional messages that drive cravings and eating patterns.

Lisa is a certified Food Psychology Coach, nutrition consultant, intuitive eating counselor and internationally published author.  In the field of food psychology and emotional eating, Lisa has studied and trained with Marc David, Geneen Roth and Evelyn Tribole. She has also received extensive training in a number of body-mind modalities, meditation practices and embodiment therapies, and is certified in Sivananda Yoga, Shiatsu, Reiki and other energy systems. Lisa is a black belt in Ninjitsu, a Japanese martial art, and is currently pursuing her second degree black belt.

As a chef and nutritionist, Lisa is a faculty instructor at Bauman College of Culinary Arts, a product development specialist for national food companies, and an internationally published food writer. She has written five books and her work has appeared in dozens of national magazines.

Lisa teaches workshops and private classes, and consults with individuals, groups and businesses on food, health and healing.