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Get a group of 4 to 6 or more friends, co-workers and family members, and we’ll bring the program to your office or home! Choose from the following most-popular classes and workshops, or design your own; contact us for more details.


Mostly Macro: a modern approach to macrobiotics

If you’ve explored the macrobiotic diet, but were confused by the rules or frustrated by limited food selections, the Mostly Macro class is for you. We use the time-tested principles of the macrobiotic diet, and show you how to apply them to modern life. This six-week, flexible-schedule session (take just one class, or all six) will cover the principles and practices of macrobiotics, including:

  • How opposites attract: the yin/yang concept
  • Eating with the seasons–without starving in the winter
  • What “local” means (really)
  • Macrobiotics in modern life: yes, you can eat out!
  • Stocking your kitchen: equipment and tools
  • Essential ingredients, from soba to seaweed
  • Yin/yang foods: what grows up, what grows down
  • Pressed salads, pickling and other techniques
  • Sane solutions: shopping lists and menu planning
  • Making the “no-leftovers rule” work

…and much more!

Each class includes a cooking lesson, with snacks and some hands-on preparation. You can take the first class only, or add as many additional sessions as you’d like. (First class is mandatory, since we’ll talk about the principles of macrobiotics.)

Flexible option: gather a group of five to seven people, and we’ll teach the class in your home!

Cost: $75 per class, includes food costs.



• Holistic Nutrition 101. If you’re new to the world of healthy eating, this two-hour crash course gives you everything you need to know. It’s taught in your own home, where we’ll look at your diet and recommend healthy alternatives. You’ll learn about fats and oils; sweeteners; the healthiest sources of carbohydrates, protein and fiber; alternatives to dairy and wheat; vegetarian protein sources; and more. This class is the most efficient way of learning quickly about the basics, and it’s a must for anyone who’s facing a new diagnosis of gluten intolerance, dairy allergies, or other food sensitivities. Contact us for more details and an individualized program.

• Tools for Conscious Eating. Beyond the diets, the rules and resolutions, beyond the counting and measuring and guilt and obsessing, there lies a land of complete freedom around eating. In this one-hour introductory workshop, we’ll take you there.
You’ll learn:
⁃    How to tell the difference between body hunger, mouth hunger and mind hunger
⁃    How to push the pause button on runaway binge eating
⁃    The three worst times to eat
⁃    Why stress sabotages weight loss, and how to combat it
⁃    How to find–and disarm–your most potent triggers
⁃    Three powerful practices to help you eat more consciously
⁃    Sure-fire ways to be free from food rules, regulations and remorse
Contact us for more details and a list of  upcoming dates.

• Daily Detox. We bring the cleanse to you! This in-home, three-hour workshop features the keys to a safe detox, foods to eat for everyday cleansing, and the mental and emotional side of detoxing. You’ll get easy-to-follow recipes and menus for cleansing; advice on herbs to support detoxification; exercises to halt emotional eating; deep breathing and movement techniques to boost circulation and promote elimination; and other supportive body and soul practices to further enhance your whole-body cleanse. Email us for upcoming dates!

• Intuitive Chef: taught in your home, this four-hour, hands-on class is a crash course in cooking basics. You’ll learn the most important kitchen staples and pantry items to have on hand, why canned beans are bad for you, which oils should always be refrigerated, what to use instead of sugar (it’s not agave), the top twenty healing foods, and more. Either Lisa or a trained chef student will show you the basics of stir-fries, soups, roasting techniques and other essential cooking methods. We’ll also bring ingredients of your choosing, so we can whip up a meal together. Ideal for groups of two to four; email us for details.

• Vibrant Teen: on-site classes teaching girls aged 11 to 16 the principles of healthy eating and body image. During the three-hour class, we’ll talk about healthy eating practices, simple menu plans, alternatives to processed foods, and keys to body image and self-acceptance.  We teach these classes throughout the year, by request. If you have a group of 6 or more teens who would like a class, please contact us, and we’ll arrange one, tailored to your needs. This class is a must for every young woman just entering the confusing world of diet, nutrition and body image.

Contact me about classes and workshops in the Denver metro area, in-person consultations in Boulder, and distance sessions via telephone, Skype and videoconferencing.


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